Constitution Minute: President Larry Arnn discusses bureaucratic despotism.

What is 'Bureaucratic Despotism'?


President Larry Arnn discusses bureaucratic despotism.


STUDENT: Hello, I’m Macaela, a student at Hillsdale College. Here is Hillsdale President Larry Arnn on the threat of bureaucratic despotism.

DR. ARNN: One of the chief sponsors of the Dodd Frank Finance Reform bill called that legislation, quote, “about as important as it gets, because it deals with every single aspect of our lives”—end quote. And how does this legislation deal with every aspect of our lives? In the most unconstitutional way: It sets up a board called the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has the power to regulate our economic transactions independently of both the president and Congress—in other words, permanent government employees are placed in charge of us beyond the control of those we elect, the control of “we the people.” This is a violation of the representative form of government, without which there can be no Constitutional government.

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